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Research and Development at Phisical Psience ΦΨ

Optics & ISR Devices

Simulated TSAOM Image

TSAAOM Imaging System
(US patent filling process initiated)
(ITAR Restricted)

Simultaneous Multiple FOVs
Ideal for DOD, NRO, TSA

Lens Color Matching
(ITAR Restricted)

Spectrocopic Evaluation For
Scientific and Cinematography

Renewable Power

Volume Metric Clean Energy Ocean Power

Clean Ocean Power Plant
(US patent filling process initiated)
(Partial ITAR Restricted)

100's of Gigawatts of Clean Power
Environmentally Friendly

3D Holographic Microscope
(Research Program)

Living Cell Structure Friendly
Large Depth of Field

Products & Research

High Energy Laser Diagnostics

CASP Controller
(US patent filling process initiated)

Cascading Array of Sequenced
Power Supplies

Laser Motion Detector
(US patent filling process initiated)

Non Return Path Dependent (NRPD)
Monitor >3 Acres (>12K sq meters)

Mobility Assistance

Flex Cane, Low Impact Cane - NASA Tech Briefs, Create the Future Contest 2011

FLEX Cane - Low Impact Cane
(US patent filling process initiated)

Reduction of Chronic Use Injuries
Improved Quality of Life

Maritime Self Defense Placement
(ITAR Restricted)

Placement and Selection
For 1,000+ Ton Vessels

Internal Research and Development at Phisical Psience ΦΨ is broad reaching and impacting. Competently addressing such fields as Renewable Energy Systems, Photonics, High Energy Lasers, ISR & UAV Imaging Systems, Exo Atmospheric & Geo Spatial Devices, Intrusion Detection to Medical Mobility Assist Devices.

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